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  • Spring Wharf, Bath
  • Spring Wharf, Bath
  • Spring Wharf, Bath
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Spring Wharf, Bath

Spring Wharf is a mixed residential and retail development located adjacent to the river Avon, West of Bath City Centre.

The development incorporates 171 apartments, retail and amenities along with a dedicated private gymnasium.

Due to the proximity of the river Avon, the site incorporated floor defence measures which had to be integrated within the main structural frame.

The Superstructure was constructed of a structural steelwork transfer structure at first floor level with a light gauge steel frame (LGSF)above by specialist sub-contractor.

The stormwater drainage was designed and limited in line with EA requirements to enable discharge into the Avon with foul drainage discharging to the public sewer. A Section 185 was required for diversion of the foul sewer.

The foundations were piled, bearing onto the strong limestone with consideration for the limitation of maximum depth in line with the County of Avon Act (1982).

The development is formed of Blocks A, B, C and D with Block B and C encompassing an elevated shared communal landscaped podium.

  • Client: Deeley Freed
  • Principal Contractor: RGB Group Ltd
  • Value: £28 million
  • Architect: Maith Design Ltd
  • Completion Date: May 2019