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  • Premier Inn, Bristol
  • Premier Inn, Bristol
  • Premier Inn, Bristol
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Premier Inn, Finzels Reach, Bristol

Finzels Reach Premier Inn, Bristol is a 168 Bedroom Hotel as part of the overall Finzels Reach Development.

The hotel development sits between new accommodation block and offices that form the remainder of the Finzels Reach development. The design brief included the provision of the below ground basement car park directly below the hotel structure and neighbouring office development.

A high ground water table as a result of the adjacent floating harbor offered particular design challenges. Shear Design utilised their experience in basement structures work with the waterproofing specialist to provide a basement capable of resisting the hydrostation pressure.

The reinforced concrete basement walls were required to retain the busy Bristol city center Counter slip highway. The design of the walls was subject to a thorough 3rd party checking prices and was approved by the local authority.

The buildings superstructure was designed as a steel frame with compositely designed steel and concrete floors. This designed allowed for the most efficient beams to be provided whilst not encroaching into the strict clear floor space requirements. Larger spanning steelwork was designed at first floor to provide a clear and open reception area below. The entire frame was modelled and analysed in three dimensional software.

In order to allow for a column arrangement that worked in the below ground car park and that was different to that of the hotel steel frame above, the ground floor slab was designed as a reinforced concrete transfer podium. The slab was designed using detailed finite element analysis and reinforced thickenings were provided in the slab to transfer the loadings of the 8 storey hotel above to the columns and foundations below.

The hotel opened to the public in the spring of 2018.

  • Client: Finzels Reach Property LLP
  • Principal Contractor: RGB Group Ltd
  • Value: £15 million
  • Architect: KKA Architecture
  • Completion Date: October 2019