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  • Point A Hotel, Kensington
  • Point A Hotel, Kensington
Point A Hotel, Kensington1 Point A Hotel, Kensington2

Point A Hotel, Kensington

The development created a new 103 Bed Point A Hotel on the site of the old Easy Hotel.

Due to its location on West Cromwell Road, which is within the local conservation area, the existing façade had to be retained as part of the development.

There was no rear access to the property and due to the existing Façade being retained, careful logistical considerations were required with the contractor and sub-contractor which fed into the design.

A structural steel frame incorporating composite design beams formed the Superstructure. The existing façade was tied to the steel frame.

A temporary frame was required to restrain the façade during construction, which needed to be considered when design and detail of the permanent steel frame.

We worked with the contractor and design team to incorporate and address the many varying floor levels.

Traditional foundations were utilised and with consideration for party walls. Foundations were design as balanced foundations as not to impact upon the adjoining properties and the existing foundations.

  • Client: Queensway Group
  • Principal Contractor: RGB Group Ltd
  • Value: £8 million
  • Architect: Stride Treglown
  • Completion Date: August 2019