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Peacocks Group, Queen Street, Cardiff

Peacocks Group, Queen Street, Cardiff

Extensive structural alterations were necessary for the fit out of the building for the Peacocks Store, Queen Street, Cardiff.

The existing building is a five storey stone faced masonry building (including basement) with timber suspended floors.

The structural services included a survey of the condition of the façade and survey of building with respect to load carrying capacity of floors to support retail and storage loadings.

The fit out works also required us to assess structural alterations to accommodate new escalators, new lift and a new staircase together with design solution for strengthening of existing floors where needed to company with Peacock’s specification.

  • Client: Peacocks Group
  • Contractor: Dutton & Cadwell
  • Value: £1.2 million
  • Architect: RRDS Ltd
  • Completion Date: 2007