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Housing Development and Special Needs Bungalow, Oaks End Close, Gelligaer

This is a 35 house development plus special needs bungalow built on a sloping site adjacent a public sewer and watercourse.

A geotextile earth retaining structure was required to support the site plateau. This retaining wall is adjacent a public foul sewer and it was necessary to demonstrate that there was no surcharge loading onto the public sewer by means of detailed geotechnical calculations and production of engineering site sections.

The earth structure also supported the Section 38 highway works and as such was subject to Caerphilly County Borough Council’s approval as a Highway Retaining Structure.

The site surface water outfalls to the adjacent watercourse at a restricted discharge rate negotiated with Caerphilly County Borough Council. This required provision of an attenuation system designed and technically approved by Welsh Water under a Section 104 Agreement.

The houses are all timber frame construction off traditional foundations with a mix of ground bearing and suspended floor slab due to variable made ground levels.

  • Client: Pendragon Design & Build
  • for United Welsh Housing
  • Contractor: Pendragon Design & Build
  • Value: £1.5 million
  • Architect: Chris Lodge Consultancy
  • Completion Date: September 2006