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KFC & Halfords Retail Units

KFC & Halfords Retail Units, High Street Retail Park, Blackwood

The retail development consists of a KFC restaurant, Halfords store and Domino Pizza Outlet.

The land was a former railway siding with sloping embankment with a difference in level across the site of approximately seven metres.

A level plateau was designed to create the site which involved extensive earthworks. A 3D design modelling computer software packaged was used to determine earthwork quantities. To retain the plateau an economical specialist design Criblock retaining wall is provided with vehicle barriers and pedestrian barriers.

Due to the presence of the made ground, the foundation solution was designed as a rigid reinforced concrete raft following the ground preparation.

The building superstructures consist of steel framed structures with clear spanning portal frames at grid spacings and to the architectural elevations to suit the requirements of the various tenants specifications.

  • Client: PMH Properties
  • Contractor: Lex Construction Ltd
  • Value: £1.2 million
  • Architect: Kennedy James Griffiths
  • Completion Date: September 2005