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Cardiff & Exeter Student Accommodation

Cardiff & Exeter Student Accommodation

Following the successful compleon of a student accommodaon blocks College Green in Bristol and Opal 1 in Newport, Shear Design were commissioned in 2011 as Civil and Structural Engineers for two student accommodaon blocks.


Cardiff, Summit House

This 8 storey development is part refurbishment of the exisng Summit House building and part new build at the rear of the refurbished block.

There is also an addional eighth floor constructed on top of the refurbished element.

The exisng structure was strengthened to accommodate progressive collapse requirements.

The exisng building is constructed from precast components and so following thorough intrusive invesgaons we designed strengthening and support to improve the building and to support the addional floor.

External staircases have been incorporated in the new build element for aesthec and also structural stability reasons.

Exeter, Sidwell Street

The Exeter block is predominantly new build with some elements of the exisng buildings retained.

The scheme is an infill development with a number of party wall and noise issues which required resolving. There were also elements of facade retenon to be considered as well as some underpinning of exisng structures and boundaries.

Conguous piled walls were designed at the rear of the property to allow a connuous ground floor level.

The new structure is steel frame with composite steel and concrete floor slabs.

  • Client: London Cornwall Property Partners
  • Contractor: OPCO Construction
  • Value: Cardiff £2.5million (completed)
  • Value: Exeter £3.5 million (ongoing)
  • Architect: RPA Architects