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IVECO Distributor Dealership, Cabot Park, Bristol

IVECO Distributor Dealership, Cabot Park, Bristol

Building consists of 15,000 sq ft, built in 2006 for IVECO as their new flagship distributor dealership and servicing centre – Bristol Street Motors.

The structure is a typical structural steelwork portal frame building designed to incorporate five full length drive through double bays.

Due to ground conditions, the foundations are designed utilizing reinforced concrete piles with pile caps and ground beams.

The ground slab incorporates inspection pits for the HGV MOT testing facilities and is a specialist design fibre reinforced slab supported on piles.

Site preparation works involved design of earthwork strategy for the site to comply with flood level derived from the Flood Consequence Assessment.

A series of reens/watercourses are present around the site and the surface water design incorporates the design of an attenuated system which discharges to the watercourses via a petrol inceptor and hydrobrake chamber.

External car parking and roads are designed with stone mastic asphalt to accommodate the vehicle movements and trailer parking for heavy goods vehicles.

  • Client: PMH Properties Plc
  • Contractor: Lex Construction
  • Value: £2 million
  • Architect: Kennedy James Griffiths
  • Completion Date: June 2006