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Aztec West Business Park, Bristol

Aztec West Business Park, Bristol

Hi-tech two storey office development consisting of 11,000 sq. ft in Aztec West Business Park, Bristol.

The building consists of a structural steelwork utilizing composite steelwork beams at first floor to support an insitu concrete slab on metal decking. The building is designed to institutional standards and in accordance with planning requirements for sustainability.

The foundations are traditional pad and strip with a ground bearing slab designed to accommodate raised computer floors to both levels.

External car parking surface water drainage connects to existing site wide infrastructure with new petrol interceptor. Surface water and foul drainage to building connect by gravity to existing services. An economic solution for surface water attenuation is provided by the design of oversized manholes.

  • Client: Kenwright Developments
  • Contractor: Lex Construction
  • Value: £1 million
  • Architect: Kennedy James Griffiths
  • Completion Date: December 2008