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Argos Extra, Stow Hill, Newport

Argos Extra, Stow Hill, Newport

This project involved the extensive refurbishment of an existing four storey building with listed façade on Stow Hill, Newport which contained a night club in the basement and retail premises on ground floor.

A detailed intrusive structural survey was carried out to establish the feasibility for the conversion of the building. The rear portion of the building was previously a theatre hall.

The structural design included part demolition of internal walls, floors and substantial structural beams to auditoria seating.  With the clear space provided within the theatre hall a new structural steelwork frame with additional mezzanine floor for storage use was provided. Strengthening of the existing timber floors to front of building was needed to comply with Argos specification for required loadings.

The ground floor was reconfigured to the front of the building to suit layout for Argos store.
  • Client: E G Developments
  • Contractor: Jehu Project Services
  • Value: £1 million
  • Architect: J P Design
  • Completion Date: 2006